Monday, May 23, 2011

Goats, Grass, Grandkids and cabin.....

Thought I'd touch on just a few of the things happening in my life lately.

Our latest addition, we have around 25 kids on the ground.

And we have several acres of grass to care for, including 
cheat grass needing mowed.... here's Sue of on her antique Craftsman to do the job! 
(didn't happen, it blew up!)

This is Sue trying to get the goats interested in their new toys!

On to the grandkids in NM, this is Kadence...

...and this is Sophie, her new sister!!

And the two of them watching Alice in Wonderland!
(scary moment?)

Now our new (to us) cabin. We have cleaned it top to bottom, 
now it's time to paint. Before pic....

...and after painting. I really hate to paint but it came out good.

Life is darn good right now. Quite a change, going from long haul trucking to homemaker and goat tender! Not used to staying home but sure have a better appreciation of the work to be done at home, especially if you have about 3 acres of grass and 50 goats, 5 dogs (plus 5 new pups), 3 peacocks and 1 Llama to go with it! Plus 4 step kids and 4 step gkids! We have plenty to keep us busy!

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