Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the Idaho mountains

Life is good. Wonderful wife, great kids and grandkids, lots of family time (except for my own kids who have decided San Antonio is the place to be!). We have a cabin (really a home) in the beautiful mountains of Idaho and have spent a good portion of the summer there.

Had two of Sue's kids and their families up to the cabin last weekend to celebrate our new zip line through the trees back of the place! We are still tweaking it and need a real trolley (burnt up the cheap pulley!) but the kids all had a great time!

Took the kids out to Clear Creek to cool off. Between swimming and hunting for mussels and "gold" rocks they had fun. "Course, we did too!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer and Winter 2011-2-12!

Wow! Been a long time since I wrote here. So much has been going on. We certainly enjoyed our new cabin in the woods through the summer and since Sue and I went back to work (she teaching, me driving school bus) we have tried to also enjoy it this winter. Last winter I bought a season pass to the Tamarack ski resort.

Overlook of Cascade lake

A nice, high speed lift

Unfortunately I went down a run I wasn't ready for and fell hard, spraining something in my left knee! It took about 2 months to get that back good enough to try again, and this time I stayed smart and had a great time!

The highlight was having kids and grandkids up twice to enjoy sledding down our driveway and the road. Steve and Michelle brought Kyle, Dylan and McKayla up and what a show was put on!

And then about a week later Larry and Kristi brought up Lorrissa, Levi, Leah and our newest Grandson, Christopher.....

A week from now I will be flying to Albuquerque NM. My daughter Jesse and her husband, Michael and their 2 little girls will be going through the Albuquerque LDS Temple for their endowments and to be sealed together, and my son Sean will be there, too! It will be a great weekend being with them and Michael's family!

Michael, Jesse, Kadence and Sophie Malarsie
THEN I get to drive Jesse and family back to their home in San Antonio, TX and spend spring break with them. Finally I will get to see the best of San Antonio, including their famous river walk! Life is good!