Friday, January 29, 2010

One of those down times

 Sitting in central Tennessee in the middle of an ice storm, not able to get down the road toward home. Of course I really don't have my own home any more as I kinda screwed that one up, too. I've always figured I was a pretty good sort of guy. So why is it I cannot find the right women to be with forever? I've tried 3 times. I always thought those people who have been married/divorced multiple times had something wrong with them. Maybe I was right.

Good Times, Bad Times....

(reposted due to a problem with the original)

At the moment I am sitting in the Portland Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Eugene. This has been the worst week+ of my life; my daughter, Jesse, lost her husband Joshua in Afghanistan on January 3rd. Their daughter, Kadence, is just  15 months old. I am on my way to Joshua’s funeral in Roseburg, OR. As a father, how do you help a daughter who has lost the love of her life after less than 2 years of marriage? Their marriage had just gotten to that wonderful stage where both were losing the “single” attitude and melding into a truly wonderful family. I do not blame Joshua for his choices, he was Army when he and Jesse re-found each other. I am so grateful for Josh and all those who truly put it all on the line to defend what we all enjoy each day. He is a hero and we must remember that always.

My daughter is doing much better than I could have hoped. She knows her future is now nothing of what they had planned, but is ready to make the changes necessary to carry on. There will be those times when the burden will almost seem to much, but she knows this and has had the training to continue on at those times. So I guess I have already answered my question; what is a father to do? I have already done it with the upbringing we gave her. Now I can just be that support at times she needs me, and know she is strong and will prevail.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family and Friends; They make the difference!

In this world it is so easy to find fault, to complain, to be angry. When horrible things happen you just want to strike out, to punish someone for the wrongs done. But then, out of the bad things come good things. This is a photo tribute to friends and family who have stepped up to make the difference in our family tragedy. Without them this would have been unbearable, but when you are surrounded by so much love you can prevail.....

This is, of course, just a few of the people who helped us with being there, but dozens if not hundreds of others helped in bringing an overload of food to us, babysitting and simply emailing, phoning or writing to give us support.

Thank you all so much!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family antics

Well, after my latest marriage failure, I am now living with my mother while employed as a long haul truck driver, driving most of these states. This works well for mother; she loves me around for awhile then gone for a couple of weeks. I spent 20+ years away from my mom and now I have the chance to catch up. When I come in she and I always end up at the kitchen table talking for quite awhile, sometimes for hours. Most of what we talk about is family, and the hi-jinks that have taken place!

One of my favorites: Dad was out with his friends (some drinking involved). Mom always took the scrapings from supper and threw them in a pot to feed to our current dog the next day. That evening she left the pot out on the kitchen table.

Mom went to bed before Dad came home, but later heard him come in with his buds. At one point she heard Dad say, "Yes, she is a pretty good cook" and for a moment wondered what they had gotten into to eat. Then it hit her: they had tied into the greasy, fatty supper leftovers! We have told that one over and over, and never tire of laughing about it!!