Sunday, January 16, 2011

A home in the mountains.....

 My new wife, Sue, has always wanted to live surrounded by evergreen trees in the mountains. We have talked  about buying a place in the mountains later when we retire, but have realized NOW is the time. The prices of property are way, way low and so are the interest rates. Sooooo, we have spent the last 2 weekends looking at places to buy now!

The last one is an older home in good shape right on a river! It has a 3 car garage one of which will fit an RV, a small outbuilding good for crafting, gun room or guest room. We are bidding on it right now. The second to last is another one we are interested in if the other fails.

House hunting in the mountains is a lot of fun! And we have a real estate broker who is pretty much as crazy as we are! Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We must remember......

     My family and I have had a wonderful holiday time! All my siblings were able to get together (a rare thing) and it really made my mother's season. And it was cool for her to attend my first Christmas with my new family (we had deep fried turkey, ham and spuds!). And we are all very excited as my son will return to us on February 2nd from his 2 year mission to Chile!!

      But with the happy times comes a sadness. Tomorrow (Jan 3) is the 1st anniversary of our losing Sgt. Joshua Lengstorf in Afghanistan. He was my daughter's husband and father to their 1 year old daughter. He was more than a son-in-law; he was a son to me. I didn't realize this until he was gone. Be he and I hit it right off; we speak the same language and the times we had together, though few, were good. It hurts now like it did a year ago; it will hurt always. But at the same time I'm so glad I had those times with him. He was special, really special. He was one of those who looked to the needs of those around him. In his service to our country he truly was a "Soldier's Soldier". He was the type to take the point, to be out front; that's how we lost him. 
     Josh was also doing so well as a husband and father. That did not come from the start; Josh had to do some learning, as we all did, to go from me to we. He got to return for his daughter's 1st birthday and it was so cool to see him with his wife and daughter; they were a family. 

     "Josh, I know where you are; I know you are watching all of us. I know you want us to be happy. And we will be. But we will never forget you, and your daughter will know you always. As she grows she will learn of you from us and from your family. I promise this. See you later, son. I love you."