Saturday, April 9, 2011

The best come in small packages......

April 6th, 2011; for the Malarsie/Church/MacLeod/Murray families this date is one for the books! At about 8am my niece Sarah Murray gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. After having 2 wonderful boys coming up with a little girl was a dream come true. I am so happy for them!


So Sarah had beat my daughter, Jesse, to the punch! They were within days of each other on due dates but everyone expected Jesse to win as her first came early and Sarah was usually late. Well, the day was not over!!

At about 9pm that same day Jesse gave birth to her 2nd girl, Sophie!!

Anyone else notice the resemblance? 

Mother's and babies are doing very well and we are all overjoyed! One of my bestest days!! Alice and Sophie, welcome to our families!!


Judy's Corner said...

Oh how precious, Celllllman! Both are absolutely adorable! Congreats to both parents and grandparents!

Kate said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, totally awesome baby girls! (Ya think I'm--we're--just a tad bit prejudice?) LOL. I don't know about you, Chris, but I plan on residing on Cloud Nine for several days:weeks:months:years to come! CONGRATS GRANDPA CHRIS! (and THANKS! Judy!)

mixednut555 said...

Congratulations on the Grandbaby AND the grand niece. That is very cool that the girls share the same birthday...I noticed that K8 beat you though...heehee! Congrats to the parents too, I'm happy for all of you.