Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where I have been the last few weeks?

Okay, life has gotten a bit more interesting since I went to work for Doug Andrus Distributing. Now I am available for ALL 48 cont. states plus Canada(must get a passport)! And am making a pretty good stab at them already. Let's see: Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon and Indiana. When I ran for Cheney Transportation before moving to Idaho Falls I also drove a lot in Nevada and California. THEN add a few more states I was in for IdaCal in the 80's: Kansas, Michigan and West Virginia, South Dakota and Arkansas. Save for Louisiana I have pretty much hit all states not bordering the Atlantic Ocean! And I do expect I will make the Atlantic sometime, which is cool as I have never seen it.

Now then, here are a few pics I have shot as I cruise America!

Lots of rock pics in Utah and Arizona, this is in AZ

And Sunset pictures......

You should see all the kinds of cactus in AZ!

Rivers all over, this one in Wyoming.

The trees were changing in Pennsylvania.

And in closing, a most unique McDonalds right over the freeway!!
It is really amazing how far you can get in a few days. On a good day I can go about 650-675 miles. We are expected to try for a minimum of 2500 miles per week, 10,000 per month. AND do it legally!!! I can drive 11 hours and work an extra 3 hrs per a 14 hr period. Working means truck maintenance, loading/unloading, etc. The bad part for me is you can find yourself driving thru the night and trying to sleep during the day!! My XM radio keeps me sane!!