Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Class Reunion; A Great Time!

In the summer of 2007 Wilder Idaho had a 5 class reunion at our small park. We had a bunch of people show up from the classes of '71 thru '75 and it was a great time! I was not suprised that we didn't get a photo of everyone together; the classes tended to group together and no one thought of it. This first one is of my class:


Now, this was not the usual look we had; we were not the most attentive bunch and it took a bit to get us this way. This is more like us:


Now, my class was always one to be on the move and busy with stuff, usual stuff that would get us in trouble. Not much different here as all the other classes sat around in chairs and casually talked over the good old days. Not us guys! We stood in a circle and laughed and roared and told stories for quite some time!

There were a total of 24 that graduated in my class. Wilder is a city of approx. 1400 people, a farming community. The ones that showed up, especially the guys, were most definitely the movers and shakers of my class (um, again that means the ones that got into the most trouble!).

This next photo was the the ones who stuck around to the bitter end. It was really a wonderful time, I moved around and talked with most all that were there. It is so funny, I was in the class of '75 and back then most of these people would not have given me the time of day but on this day we were all equal and so happy to see each other! We will do this again!